The Significance of Personal Training: Enhancing Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Personal fitness training holds an essential role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Personalized guidance and support is proven to be an effective way for individuals to achieve health and fitness goals.

Physical Health
Having a personal trainer is beneficial to maximize results and reduce injury as trainers demonstrate proper techniques and form. The expertise trainers have is necessary to tailor workouts based on individual goals, limitations, and needs. Trainers can also offer support for physical health through progress tracking and goal setting.

Mental and Emotional Health
Personal training is an investment in your mental and emotional health. Exercise is a strong component of mental wellness. Adopting healthy habits through regular exercise can improve your quality of life significantly.

Consistent exercise also helps release brain hormones called endorphins which produce positive feelings within the body. The euphoric feeling that comes with exercising helps increase self-esteem as goals become more attainable. Exercising also helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Personal training may sound intimidating, but our world class trainers at STLBC are here to help build your confidence. Having our personal trainers guide you will make for an invaluable experience.

Check out this quick Q&A from one of our trainers, Tina Sherwood, and find out how you can get started today!

What are the benefits of personal training?

Some benefits of personal training include accountability and ensuring that you are training with a purpose. Personal trainers are there to make sure you have effective workouts in a safe manner. Having a trainer helps decrease injury rates and increase results.

What are some essential exercises you recommend to your clients?

I definitely recommend compound movements. These movements involve more than one body part or muscle. So they are more effective in muscle gain and body fat reduction. These exercises include squats, deadlifts , shoulder press, and bench press.

What is the best method for tracking progress?

I recommend my clients use Inbody Scan every 4-6 weeks and take progress photos.

When is the right time to inquire about a personal trainer?

Now! There is no “right” time to get started on your fitness journey. Just make the decision and get started!

What are common mistakes you see when people self train?

The biggest mistake I see is that people get comfortable with lifting a certain weight and will do the same exercise at the same weight for years and years. To truly improve and build muscle, you must put stress on those muscles with progressive overload. This means overtime you begin to increase your weight and/or reps during a particular exercise.

What’s one piece of advice you would offer someone who is just starting their fitness journey?

Remember that changes are not made overnight, and consistency is key! Continue creating good habits in and outside of the gym and you will see results guaranteed!