We are an inclusive gym that welcomes every fitness level. All of our classes are full-body workouts that will leave you feeling empowered and strong!

314-925-1523 3515 S. Big Bend Blvd, Maplewood, MO 63143 Mon - Thur 6am - 8pm, Sat 6am - 1pm, Sun 11am - 1pm
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Previous boxing or kickboxing experience NOT required. Our experienced professional trainers can teach you the basics all the way to advanced technique. All fitness levels are welcome as our members range in age and experience level. Our classes are designed to be full-body workouts that will leave you feeling empowered and strong! While our classes are between you and your heavy bag, boxing at Saint Louis Boxing Club is ALWAYS a team effort!




ST. Louis Boxing Club
3515 S. Big Bend Blvd
Maplewood, MO 63143

Club Hours

Mon-Thu: 6am – 8pm
Fri: 6am – 7pm
Sat: 8am – 1pm
Sun: 11am – 1pm




Tel: 314-925-1523


This is Our classic format. Class will begin with a 14 minute warmup that consists of Calisthenics, dynamic stretching and Shadowboxing. Then the fun will begin. Eight, 3 minute rounds of boxing or kickboxing. This is a trainer led class so the trainer will dictate the combinations thrown and the workouts to be done. After eight rounds of bagwork class will end with a 14 minute block of abs and core. All in, 60 Minutes of sweat and fun. This class is for all ability and fitness levels.

This is the abbreviated version of our classic format. Still 8 rounds of boxing or kickboxing that is trainer led. The warmup and core are seven minutes long. The class is condensed but the workout is still effective. 45 Minutes of your day you will NOT regret. This class is for all ability and fitness levels.

This is our express class. The warmup is seven minutes followed by 4 rounds of boxing/kickboxing. After the bagwork there is a seven minute core burner. This 30 minutes is a great mid day boost to get you energized for the rest of your day.

Our Box + Flow Class combines two amazing workouts that have been around for centuries, boxing and yoga. This class consists of a 7 minute warmup, followed by six rounds of boxing that are 3 minutes each. There is one minute of active recovery between each round. After the boxing, the gloves come off and we proceed to 30 minutes of yoga flow that will lengthen and strengthen your muscles. As always this class is led by an instructor and is designed for all fitness and ability levels.

Our Box + Bells Class combines the high-intensity cardio of boxing with the full-body strength of using kettlebells. This class consists of a 7 minute warmup, followed by 4 three-minute rounds of boxing, with one-minute of active recoveries in between each rounds of boxing. After the 4 rounds, you will grab a kettlebell (weight is your choice) to begin the 30 minutes of strength training. During the kettlebell portion of class, you will perform full-body strength moves that keep your heart rate up. All moves are demonstrated and guided by the instructor to

ensure you have proper form. This class is challenging and we recommend you start with one of our other classes before taking.

Developed in the Field by US Navy Seals, TRX is a workout system that uses gravity and body weight to perform exercises to strengthen your core and increase muscular endurance, while providing a total body workout. This class is an excellent way to build strength, mobility and coordination in a supervised controlled fashion. The class length is 45 minutes and it is for all fitness levels.

This class is all about that calorie burn. The class includes elements of High Intensity Interval Training, Performance Training and Strength building. The pace is vibrant and the intensity level is high. It is a great way to confuse your muscles if you have only been boxing for awhile and it is certified sweat inducer. This class is challenging and if you are new to fitness we recommend starting with one of our traditional boxing/kickboxing classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’ve heard the classes are intense; do I need to be in great shape to do the workouts?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out in a while or have never boxed before, you can finish the workout feeling great! You’ll see that everyone goes at their own pace, but believe us that once you’re here, you’ll be inspired to give it your very best!

2. I don’t want to get hit; is this a contact workout?

No—not ever! Each person in class has their own heavy bag to workout on, plus their own space to move around the bag. Trust us, you won’t even realize anyone else is in the class because you’ll be so focused on the workout! And, rest easy, we never allow sparring or fighting at St. Louis Boxing Club.

3. I’m new to boxing; will someone show me the basics?

You bet! All of our classes are taught by instructors who will show you the ropes from the beginning. We’ll help you wrap your hands and walk you through the basic fundamentals. Everyone in class is at a different level, so take a deep breath and go at your own pace!

4. What do I need to bring to class? How early do I need to arrive?

Hand wraps are essential for your protection and mandatory for class. You can bring your own or buy them here. We’ll have gloves for you to borrow your first time, and you might want to bring a bottle of water and towel! Plan on arriving 20 minutes early so we can get you settled and wrap your hands.