STL Boxing Club and Training Camp subvert the traditional boxing gym stereotypes. Clients don’t come to win prize fights or mindlessly slam into a heavy bag. Instead, STLBC is about intentional fitness and camaraderie. Bring friends, find friends, push yourself with the support of someone else. It’s inclusive, free of judgment, and for anyone looking to get fit while having fun.

Training Camp is about getting back into routine, attaining new goals and pushing past your previous bests. It is multi-faceted, much like our clients, and includes training programs along with nutrition recommendations from a registered dietician that help you reach new goals—whether that be a path back to wellness or peak performance.

Enrollment: $100 ($12.50 weekly)


We’ve created a course that brings movement, strength training, nutrition and mindfulness together to give you a total package for wellness. Get ready for right crosses, recipes and a bit of rhythm to that breath—all in the name of being your best self.

You can access our 8-week course digitally or in the gym. That means recipes, planning and meal prep from a registered dietitian alongside workouts that fit within the four corners of your living room. So what do you say? How about some well-rounded wellness that’s accessible too?

Enrollment:  $100 ($12.50 weekly)